Therapies Only - Advanced Developing Leadership and Supervision

AHP Science & Pharmacy
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During the session the group will have the opportunity to:

·     Explore the expectations of their role and discuss what good leadership and management looks like.

·     Understand how to lead and support individuals and teams during times of change, uncertainly and ambiguity.

·     Understand their own personal drivers and the impact this can have on their responses, behaviour and style.

·     Explore how to increase their own personal impact and confidence, particularly in difficult situations.

·     Recognise how they respond to pressure and explore techniques that will enable them to manage this more effectively.

·     Identify the different roles and preferences individuals have in a team, and the impact these can have on the overall dynamics.

·     Recognise when and how it’s appropriate to assert their authority, and how to influence and challenge others effectively whilst doing this.

·     Understand the common dysfunctions that teams exhibit and how to turn these around.

·     Explore how they can think and act strategically as part of their role and how this can raise individual and team performance.

·     Explore how feedback and coaching can be used to empower individuals and improve performance.




Aimed at senior therapy leaders, usually band 7 and band 8.



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