Anaphylaxis Update for Community Care Setting

Nursing & Midwifery
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Overall Aim: 


The aim of this module is to enable Practitioners working within the Community Care setting to provide safe and effective nursing management delivered with a caring approach in the event of an Anaphylactic reaction.




Practitioners are responsible for ensuring quality and safety through enhanced knowledge and skills in terms of recognising and treating a patient suffering from an Anaphylactic reaction. Whilst recognising that Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency Practitioners are expected to demonstrate compassion and respect, whilst maintaining the patients dignity (Francis 2013).

This module is designed to act as a mandatory update for those working in a community care setting and in particular those administering immunisations and/or Intravenous Medication.

The module is available within a virtual learning environment in which Registered Practitioners can update and maintain their knowledge in terms of Anaphylaxis.

Allied Health Professionals are able to access this module on the advice and support of their Managers.


Learning Outcomes: 


1.  Describe the basic physiology of an allergic/anaphylactic response.

2.  Recognise the signs and symptoms of Anaphylaxis.

3.  Demonstrate an understanding of Anaphylaxis in order to provide appropriate nursing management in the event of an allergic/anaphylactic response.

4.  Discuss the aftercare of a patient following an allergic/anaphylactic response.




Online –

Self assessment quiz and post summative assessment quiz which requires 100% pass mark.

There will be as many attempts allowed as required to achieve pass mark.




Registered Practitioners working in the community setting.  Free to all trust community staff.




One hour.




Registered practitioner working in a community setting that would enable the achievement of the learning outcomes.


Frequency (planned dates): 


Online e-learning course.




Please forward an email request to  [email protected] and [email protected]


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