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September 2019 update: The Trust form and guidance has been updated. Please ensure that you use the updated paperwork from September 2019. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]

People performance management is important and how well we do it has a big impact on the quality of care that people who use our services receive. The Trust requires every member of staff to have an annual appraisal on a rolling twelve month basis with as a minimum a review after six months to check progress is being made.


New starters and those in a new role need to complete  an initial objective setting meeting within 6 weeks of their start date. When scheduling your appraisal please ensure that it takes place in the month in which your current appraisal expires to guarantee that you remain in date.

Support and Policy: If you need any further support or assistance please contact the Appraisal Team by e-mail: [email protected] and the Appraisal policy can be found under P - Policies on the intranet.

Appraisal Training: It is recommended that all appraisers attend the Appraisal Training for Appraisers and for appraisees Preparation for your Appraisal to help you prepare for your appraisal, please book via 

Appraisal on easylearning.  This is closing as of 31st January 2020. Please ensure that you have printed off or saved electronically any records from the system.  

Recording an Appraisal: Once the appraisal is completed update the centrally held record by emailing [email protected]. Please make sure that you include the date of appraisal, the appraisee’s name, employee number and the appraiser’s name or update the spread sheet that has been emailed to you. If you are using a paper copy, put the relevant paperwork into your team member's personnel file and give a copy to the individual.

Doctors appraisals: Please contact the revalidation team via [email protected] or contact extension 42641

Nurses and midwives: All nurses and midwives need to complete a revalidation form each year to check progress, this is attached below or on the revalidation pages here.

Four key tips:

  • Prepare: make sure your appraisals and 1:1's are booked in the diary throughout the year to discuss progress. Your appraisal document is a useful discussion starter.

  • Feedback: Give feedback regularly. It helps everyone understand what is working well and what needs improvement.

  • Improve the Quality: We can all learn by listening and involving each other in the discussion. Make the majority of the conversation positive, reinforcing, and developmental.

  • Agreeing goals: Goals need to be achieveable, read our SMART guide below.

You can use these four ideas immediately to improve performance appraisals.

NHS Employers: have some useful guides which you can access here by clicking on Appraisal Tools and Tips


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