Appraisals on easylearning

An appraisal module is now available for all managers and staff to record their appraisals on easylearning.

  • You have an on-line appraisal form pre-populated with your mandatory training
  • Managers can access a dashboard for their team.
  • You can evaluate the quality of your appraisal


Frequently asked Questions Appraisals on easylearning:

How do I see my team’s Appraisal compliance?

How do I schedule an appraisal?

How will my team member know I have scheduled an appraisal?

How do I complete the form?

How do I add on items to the personal development plan?

How do I use the ratings?

When does the appraisee add comments?

Complete your appraisal

What happens if the appraisee does not sign the form?


Please continue to report your appraisals by emailing the appraisal in box [email protected]

If you do not email us, your appraisal will not be included in the compliance figures.

Please note: if you are unable to access a computer there are arrangements in ALL cross site Libraries.  

Solihull has 18 computers. The IT suite with 9 computers and can be booked.

Heartlands has 37 computers. The IT suite has 21 computers and can be booked.

Good Hope has 10 computers in the quiet room.


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