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Find attached below our frequently asked questions for managers.

Here are some of the comments from some of our managers and the great people who have had an apprenticeship with us.

"Apprentices have brought additional skills to the team and while are unrealted to IT these skills have been used to help resolve certain issues that have arisen."

Justine Emms Service Desk team leader Heartlands hospital


"I have gained knowledge on the hardware side of IT, know the components of a PC and a network. I have gained knowledge in networking and believe I would be able to put together my own small network."

Daniel Wild  IT apprentice Heartlands hospital

"I feel that an apprenticeship is a great way to start your career in your chosen trade as it coincides well with the theory work you learn at college giving you well- rounded experience."

Jonathan Bryant Apprentice Estates Heartlands hospital


"We have been seen as progressive by other sectors in the hospital for having apprentices. Contractors have passed comment that it’s a good idea."

John Coley Engineer Estates Heartlands hospital

Have a look at our page in [email protected] for our Apprentices! See page 10  http://sharepoint/communications/news/Heartlands%20Hospital%20and%20Birmingham%20Chest%20Clinic%20March.pdf

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