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Overall Aim: 


Participants will gain knowledge regarding becoming more assertive and the use of assertiveness techniques, which will lead to more confident, effective and appropriate communication within the workplace.




Assertiveness training is relevant for many healthcare staff that often have to manage difficult people and/or situations, which in-turn can sometimes undermine confidence and prevent effective communication. Likewise clinical staff may need extra support to ensure they protect the rights of vulnerable patients in their care.

The assertiveness training provided by the Trust intends to help staff identify barriers to effective communication, as well as recognising and practising techniques to become a more confident, clear and direct communicator, whilst respecting other people.

To enhance existing skills and knowledge, attending the Communication ‘Power of Behaviour’ and Customer Care courses may be of additional benefit.


Learning Outcomes: 


  1. Identify what is meant by assertiveness and assertive behaviour.
  2. Recognise the three ‘modes of behaviour’.
  3. Discuss assertiveness techniques.
  4. Demonstrate different assertiveness techniques.
  5. Identify how to assertively manage confrontation and criticism.




Moodle quiz.




3 hours.




This course is open to all employees in the Trust who feel they may benefit from the course. Requests are also accepted by managers applying for training on the behalf of their staff, who may require additional learning on this topic.


Frequency (planned dates): 


This is a MOODLE E-learning course, requiring 3 hours of study and access to a computer




This is a self enrolled course, to access this course use the following link;




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