Blood Transfusion - Face to Face Competency Assessment in Collecting Blood Components/Products for Transfusion

Nursing & Midwifery
Externally Available: 
Overall Aim: 


To ensure staff have a clear understanding of the safe, appropriate and timely use of blood components/products, in compliance with national guidlines and hospital policies.




To comply with the National Blood Transfusion Committee guidelines, Quality Regulations 2005 and Trust policies, anyone involved in the collection of blood components/products from blood bank/satellite fridges must undertake a face to face competency assessment.


Learning Outcomes: 


  1. Demonstrate effective use of health and safety measures.
  2. Demonstrate the correct procedure to follow when identifying conscious patients.
  3. Demonstrate what should be written on a collection slip.
  4. Demonstrate the correct checking procedures with the information on the blood component/product to the minimum dataset information on the blood collection slip/prescription.
  5. Demonstrate the correct procedure to follow when removing blood components/products from blood bank/satellite fridges.
  6. Demonstrate the correct procedure to follow when transporting and handing over blood components/products.
  7. Aware for the need to complete a collection module on Moodle on an annual basis.




1 - 7 face to face simulation assessment/in practice.




Haematology/Oncology Nurses/Health Care Assistants, Midwives/Midwife Support Workers, Porters, Theatre Practitioners, Operating Department Orderlies, Medical Day Case Nurses/Health Care Assistants who are involved in the collection of blood components/products, and Marie-Curie/St Giles staff who are involved in collection of blood components.




30 - 45 minutes.




Moodle module on collection of blood.


Frequency (planned dates): 


Face to face assessment every three years.

Annual update via Moodle




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