Business Unit

‘Maximising Business to Enhance Performance’


The business unit manages the education finance and business.

Provides reports to NHS West Midlands Workforce Directorate under the Learning and Development Agreement (LDA).

Provides performance reports against contract and other elements of educational funding to various forums/committees within the organisation and to external bodies.

Responsible for co-ordinating the commissioning of education and programmes for all registered practitioners.

Ensures that education meets the needs of patients and their families as well as offering ‘Value for Money’ and ‘Return on Investment’.

Services Provided

1. Accreditation
i. Identify education programmes/courses that may lend themselves to warrant accreditation.

2. Commissioning
i. Currently coordinate the commissioning requirements for the organisation registered practitioners.
ii. External links with Education providers e.g. HEI’s, FE’s etc.
iii. Undertake regular reporting both internally and externally.

3. Learning & Development Agreement (LDA) & Funding Streams
i. Externally facing reporting to NHS West Midlands undertaken as required under the LDA for; MADEL, SIFT, MPET, including Placement Activity, LBR, JIF etc.
ii. Monitoring performance and spend.


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