Cannulation Study Day

Nursing & Midwifery
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Overall Aim: 


The aim of this study day is to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the safe practice of peripheral venous cannula (PVC) insertion and aftercare.




First level nurses are increasingly responsible for ensuring quality and safety in establishing and maintaining patent PVC in line with the EWTD initiative for junior doctors and as part of a practitioners’ role. This study day provides practice opportunities through simulation, to acquire skills and knowledge of the Trusts governance requirements in relation to PVC, medication errors, incident reporting, RCN standards for infusion therapy, Trust Policy and NMC Guidance.


Learning Outcomes: 


1. Apply anatomy and physiology, infection control, documentation and legal accountability theory in relation to PVC.

2. To competently perform PVC following supervised practice.

3. To perform risk assessment prior to and during PVC and enable the practitioner to problem solve if complications arise.

4. To appraise appropriate cannula selection for required therapy.

5. To apply principles of accurately documenting potential complications of PVC insertion, use and cannula removal including incident reporting.




1 - 5 Formative – Discussion and practice within study day

Summative - Completion of observed practice and competency assessment within the clinical area




All Registered Practitioners who are required to undertake cannulation as part of their job role, such as Registered Nurses or Midwifes etc.




1 day.




Competencies to be completed prior to attending:-

  • Medicines Administration Competency.
  • ANTT Competency.
  • IV Therapy Competency.


Frequency (planned dates): 


Please find the Cannulation Dates on easylearning. For any queries, contact:

Lead:      Tanya Szczygielski        Ext  42043

Admin:    Maureen Woodroffe      Ext  49359




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