The Care Certificate


What do I need to know about The Care Certificate?

The Care Certificate (CC) launched in April 2015

The Care Certificate is now a trust requirement for all bands 1-4 Healthcare Support Workers that have direct patient contact, employed after April 2015 and should be completed within 12 weeks of start date.

The Care Certificate is applicable to all new health and social care support workers who have direct patient contact such as;

  • Healthcare assistants
  • Therapy Support Workers
  • Radiology Assistants

The Care Certificate aims to ensure:

  • A consistent approach to induction
  • A competent, caring and compassionate workforce

How does it work?

For our new starters there are two possible routes that will need to be agreed with your line manager:

  • Attendance on a  5 day programme

A 5 day training programme delivered by the Education Team and other guest speakers based in a classroom for 4 days ensuring the completion of Moodle module, final day consisting of Competence Assessment Review of Experience (CARE)

  • Independent route

Independent Moodle completion and ward/department based competency booklet

The Care Certificate is recognisable and a transferable competency between health and social care sectors to ensure high quality care.

Whats included?

The Care Certificate covers 15 fundamental standards of care:

1: Understanding your role

9: Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities

2: Your Personal Development

10: Safeguarding Adults

3: Duty of Care

11: Safeguarding Children

4: Equality and Diversity

12: Basic Life Support

5: Work in a Person Centred Way

13: Health and Safety

6: Communication

14: Handling Information

7: Privacy and Dignity

15: Infection Prevention and Control

8: Fluids and Nutrition



What do I need to know?

Be aware staff should not work unsupervised until they have achieved full completion of The Care Certificate.

The Care Certificate forms part of CQC’s inspection recommendations – regulation 18  (staffing) and regulation 19 (fit and proper persons employed)

The CC can be used as performance management tool to ensure high quality performance from our staff.

The CC can be used to confirm competencies for appraisal

Further information can be obtained from:

Contact us

0121 424 3037


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