Doctors In Less Than Full Time Training (LTFTT)

Doctors in less than full time training (LTFTT)

Welcome to University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

To facilitate a stress-free entry process for undertaking a less than full time training (LTFTT) placement, please follow the guidance below.

What we need from you

Prospective LTFTs must make contact with the Junior Doctors Monitoring Office (JDMO) at least 12 weeks prior to commencement date.

Email: [email protected]

Providing the following information:

  • Your name, grade and specialty
  • A copy of your "Stage 1 approval" to train as LTFTT (from Health Education West Midlands/Deanery)
  • Dates of your proposed LTFTT placement
  • Percentage to be worked
  • Status (i.e. slot share, or part time in full time slot) - if slot share, the name of your partner
  • Standard working days*

* these must be negotiated at a meeting with your Clinical Supervisor. Best effort will be made to accommodate this, but there is no automatic right to specific days i.e. a Friday "off" may or may not be possible.

What we will do for you

The JDMO will process this information to:

  • Prepare an appropriate "cut" of the full time rota template (to determine hours/pay)
  • Obtain Trust/Divisional financial approval
  • Facilitate employment checks/contract details which will be actioned by Medical Resourcing

Trainees may not be able to train in a less than full time capacity at UHB until these steps are completed.


Hours and pay will be based on the LTFTT's personal template roster, which will be provided by the JDMO and derived from the details provided above to produce a suitable "cut" of the full time rota.

Standard days of work (based on percentage of hours) must be negotiated with the Supervising Consultant and out of hours activity should match this percentage and will be assigned on a pro-rata basis to that worked by full time trainees.

Please note:

LTFTTs are at liberty to organise personal rota swaps in the same way as full time doctors

  • If the specialty roster is written by a registrar, ask them to contact us before assigning you
  • Some LTFTTs may be subject to pay protection to the old "New deal" 2002 contract


Any changes to the LTFT placement must be approved by HEWM (Deanery) and notified to the JDMO, with appropriate notice to allow changes to be expedited.

Less than Full Time Training Champion - Dr Martha Pinkney

Every less than full time (LTFT) trainee doctor and dentist should have access to a champion of less than full time training, at UHB this position is held by Dr Martha Pinkney.

The aim of this post is to play a strategic role in promoting and improving existing support for LTFT colleagues, advocating for them where necessary.   In the last 12 months, across our four hospital sites we have had around 160 less than full time training doctor placements and issues such as working rotas and pay can be complex and confusing. The role of the Champion is to help to support both trainees and trainers in managing some of these issues, working in conjunction with the Junior Doctors Monitoring Office.

If you are a LTFT and need any support or advice please email Dr Pinkney: [email protected]

Contact details for LTFT working patterns

The JDMO is open from 09:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday. If you have an administrative query about your LTFTT work pattern, please contact us by:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0121 371 3919 / ext. 13919
Post/in person* - Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Mindelsohn Way, Birmingham B15 2GW, Level 7, Area 1.

*Please call the office before visiting