Therapies Only - Facilitating Staff and Patient Groups

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Suitable for anyone who delivers group education sessions.


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Day 1

Morning – Understanding adult learners and learners needs

  • How adults learn – how information is retained, what stimulates ideas, how to encourage action
  • The key characteristics of adult learners – what they need and want from training sessions
  • 5 components of effective learning sessions – the most important things learners need to perform effectively
  • How to use the training cycle to inform design and facilitation


Afternoon – Designing powerful and interactive learning sessions

  • The importance of energy – encouraging interaction and participation
  • Designing learning activities that stimulate discussion and embed learning
  • Designing a session from scratch (from an hour to a full day) – how to identify learning outcomes and aims and build a session that has variety, interest and delivers long lasting results

Day 2

Morning – The secrets of great facilitation

  • The importance of group dynamics - how to manage these effectively with small and large groups.
  • Facilitators toolkit – using questions, body language, pace and activities to create energy, stimulate discussion and encourage focus.
  • Using resources effectively – when and how to use flip charts, power-point, training activities, handouts


Afternoon – Facilitating in the moment and evaluating learning

  • Facilitating in the moment – overcoming nerves, dealing with challenges, managing audiences, adjusting style to suit the group
  • An introduction to Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluation
  • Choosing the right evaluation approach
  • Linking evaluation forms to the training cycle

Using learning quizzes and activities to test and embed knowledge.


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