Food Safety in catering - Highfield Level 2

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This foundation level course is recommended for any staff that work directly with food, work in a food environment or are in a position to influence others in the importance of food safety.




Some of the main reasons for food poisoning occurring are negligence, ignorance, a poor food safety culture and a failure to implement good practices. Effective training and instruction will prevent food poisoning if food handlers are taught the potential hazards related to their workplace which could jeopardise food safety and how they need to work to ensure they control the risk they pose. A food handler is anyone who works directly with food or in areas where food is prepared or served. 


Learning Outcomes: 


Identify the benefits of good food hygiene and the cost of poor food safety

  • Identify the different types of hazards within a food environment and how to avoid them
  • Understand the requirements for bacterial growth and how to work to effectively control the risk.
  • Learning how cleaning is paramount in achieving good food safety.
  • Discussing real situations where food safety has been compromised and how illness could have been avoided.
  • Learning how the design of food premises and equipment contributes to the safe production and handling of food.
  • Understand pests and their relation to food premises.
  • Food Safety Law & Enforcement 


This is a 1 day accredited course which runs from 9.30 till 4.00





For any candidates who work outside facilities there is a charge of £35.00 which includes: - Administration costs, light refreshments, course books, hand-outs and exam papers.

You will receive a formal invitation letter and further guidance approx. 1 week prior to attending the course. There will also be an opportunity to inform us of any special learning requirements prior to the training so that reasonable adjustments can be made.




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For queries please contact contact Jo Hughes on 0121 424 3150 or by email at [email protected].


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