Immediate Life Support (ILS)

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The Resuscitation Council (UK) Immediate Life Support (ILS) course was launched in 2002.

It was developed in response to a demand from healthcare professionals who may have to act as first responders and treat deteriorating patients and those in cardiac arrest, until the arrival of the emergency team.

Each year, on average, 11,000 courses are held nationally and 92,000 healthcare professionals are trained.


Learning Outcomes: 


The ILS course teaches the knowledge and skills to:


  • Identify the causes and promote the prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest;
  • Recognise and treat the deteriorating patient using the ABCDE approach;
  • Undertake the skills of quality CPR and defibrillation (manual and /or AED) and simple airway manoeuvres;
  • Utilise non-technical skills to facilitate initial leadership and effective team membership.




ILS is a minimum requirement for the following staff:

Members of the Adult Emergency team (Adult Emergency Team Leaders require ALS);

Staff who have in charge responsibility of in-patient wards/departments (One ILS trained member of staff per shift);

Training as an ILS provider supersedes the need for the lower level training (e.g Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation).




The ILS course usually runs between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. You will be informed of the exact times when you are allocated a date.




Places will be prioritised for staff that need ILS as a minimum requirement.

There is a pre course MCQ which is available on the resuscitation service intranet site.



Frequency (planned dates): 


The ILS course runs on a frequent basis at Heartlands and Goodhope Hospitals.




The ILS provider certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of your course.


Please visit http://intranet_1/resus/Training/Courses/ils.html to access an application form. Please specify on the form any annual leave or days/dates that you are unavailable to attend the course.


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