Intravenous Therapy Course - Principles and Practice

Nursing & Midwifery
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Overall Aim: 


This course is to ensure staff demonstrate knowledge and skills in the safe practice of intravenous and injection therapy.




In order to achieve excellence many practitioners will be required to deliver intravenous therapy.

This course provides the opportunity to acquire knowledge guided by national guidelines and Trust policies. This will be achieved using a virtual learning environment and practice skills through simulation and skills workshop.


Learning Outcomes: 


1. Apply anatomy and physiology, serious intravenous complications, anaphylaxis management, infection control, documentation and legal accountability theory to the nursing management of Intravenous Therapy and administration of medication.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of numeracy and accurate drug calculations using specific calculation formulas.

3. Outline own accountability with regard to infusion devices and compliance with local and national guidelines.

4. To competently perform safe preparation, reconstitution and administration of Intravenous medication following demonstration and supervised practice.




1. Theory Exam– Summative (80% pass)

2. Drug Calculations Exam – Summative (100% pass)

3. Intravenous Therapy Competency – Formative and Summative. The preparation and administration of a specified number of bolus injections and infusions within the clinical area will be formatively assessed followed by a final summative competence assessment.




Registered Nurses, midwives, medical staff

Allied Health Professionals - Radiographers, Health Scientists, ODP's who are required to undertake the skill according to their job role.




2 Days (I classroom based day + 7.5 hours Self directed online study prior to course).

An additional date will be available for those who require tutorial support post completion of the course.




Competencies to be completed prior to attending:- 

  • Medicines Administration Competency;
  • Aseptic Non Touch Technique Competency;
  • Staff commencing the course should be completing a learning contract prior to starting, that nominates an assessor and assessment time in practice.


Frequency (planned dates): 




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