Effective leadership and management in the health care system has a direct impact on patient experience, we believe that;

Leadership is not restricted to people who hold designated or positional leadership roles;

  • Acts of leadership can come from anyone in the organisation
  • Everyone is responsible for the success of the organisation and its services
  • The formal leader’s role is to create a climate in which the team can flourish

Good leadership at all levels of our organisation is required to achieve our ambition of delivering world class standards in health and health services to our patients and communities. Not everyone is necessarily a positional leader. We provide a range of interventions to help build leadership capability and capacity.

  • Our Leadership and development programme provides a range of development opportunities for all of our staff to build leadership capability and capacity to develop individuals into innovative, accomplished leaders.
  • Our Trust has coaching and mentoring across the organisation to support and develop staff.
  • This portal provides information and "how to guides" on a number of common management and leadership developmental areas.
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