Looking to offer Work Experience?

Are you interested in offering work experience in your department?

With an increasing ageing population it is essential that we attract young people whose skills and energy will determine our future. As a Trust we have an important role to educate young people and raise awareness of the wealth of career opportunities that the NHS offers. One of the most effective ways to do this is through work experience.

NHS Careers have produced a toolkit, attached below to assist you to provide work experience opportunities for students at various stages in their education, from GCSE and ‘A’ level to undergraduates who are studying both clinical and non-clinical courses.

The toolkit:

  • Challenges some of the common myths often perceived as barriers to providing work experience for young people.
  • Offers practical tips on how to arrange a work experience placement.
  • Includes sample programmes ranging from one-week placements to programmes extended over a term or academic year which are being successfully run by trusts across the country in a variety of settings.
  • Provides template forms which cover the key elements of organising a placement which can be adapted to individual trust’s needs.

If you are interested in offering a work experience placement please contact Stephanie Parkes -  Educator [email protected] who will assist you.