Management Apprenticeships

Are you a manager or leader in a clinical or non-clinical role at UHB?

Are you new to your role or would like further skills? 

We are looking for expressions of interest from staff in the following roles who wish to undertake a Management Apprenticeship  in: 

Apprenticeship in Team Leading Level 3 –  you are in a first line management role, with operational/project responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome. You provide direction, instruction and guidance to ensure the achievement of set goals and objectives. Your key objectives will also include supporting, managing and delivering team members,  planning and monitoring workloads and resources, delivering operational plans, resolving problems and building relationships internally and externally. (This Level 3 apprenticeship  is delivered internally)

Apprenticeship in Operational /Departmental Management Level 5 – you are an operational or departmental manager who manages teams/departments and or projects, and achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives as part of the delivery of the organisation’s strategy. You are more accountable to a senior manager.  Your responsibilities will also include creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, leading and managing teams/departments, managing change, financial and resources management, talent management, coaching and mentoring. This apprenticeship will  also include a separate national management qualification.  This apprenticeship is delivered by an outside training provider.

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Level 6 -  is for professional managers who take lead responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services to deliver long term organisational success. It is applicable to professional managers from all sectors - the private, public or third sector - and all sizes of organisation. It will typically take 4 years to complete, although the exact duration will be dependent on the previous experience of the individual.  A Chartered Manager is someone who can take responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services to deliver long term organisational success, with the professional recognition of their ability to deliver impact, behave ethically and demonstrate their commitment to continual learning and development.  

Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship Level 7 - A leader is someone who has senior management responsibility, and this can include formal governance/director responsibilities. They are responsible for direction and vision, providing a clear sense of purpose and driving strategic intent. They take into account market trends and environmental influences, identifying longer-term opportunities and risks. Through inclusive leadership, they are responsible for developing ethical, innovative and supportive cultures with the ability to deliver results. They are a role model, with responsibility for those in senior positions/significant organisational budgets.

These management apprenticeship programmes will be delivered by an external training provider. Prior to starting the programme, you will need to undertake a diagnostic test in Maths and English at level 2 and above.

This is a great opportunity for both new and existing staff to increase your current skills, and will be relevant if you are in a new role as a manager.

 If you are interested in the above apprenticeships, please  contact Education  Dept. on the email  on [email protected]



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