Mentorship Update for Midwives (Classroom)

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Overall Aim: 


The aim of this session is to provide an annual update to facilitate new knowledge and skills for midwives who are registered on the Trust database, ensuring adherence to Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) mentorship standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice (SLAiP, 2008).




All students undertaking an NMC approved pre-registration midwifery programme must be supported to develop their clinical competence and be assessed by a mentor who has undertaken an annual update. Mentors have a responsibility to update their knowledge and skills according to NMC SLAiP Standards 2008 and a Trust requirement to inform their managers of their current mentorship status during their appraisal for their triennial review and revalidation.

This session provides an interactive experience to acquire new skills and knowledge of the mentoring process and an opportunity to debate mentoring judgements utilizing scenarios.

Follow the link to the practice placement team intranet site for more information http://sharepoint10/sites/facultyofeducation/pp/SitePages/Mentor%20updates%20Midwives.aspx  


Learning Outcomes: 


  1. Recognise the importance of mentoring and adherence to SLAiP Standards.
  2. Recognise the importance of timely completion of the students practice documents and the impact on student progression.
  3. Apply the method of triangulation of evidence when assessing students competence to ensure fitness for practice. To participate in debate about mentoring scenarios with colleagues within the classroom setting




  • Formative- Engagement in lecture discussion and participation in quiz.
  • Formative- Engagement in discussion activities.
  • Formative- Demonstration of appropriate judgments in mentoring scenarios.
  • Summative- Self assessment with proforma – to include triennial review status.




  1. Registered Midwife.
  2. A recognised mentorship qualification for example SLAiP or ENB 998. You will be asked for evidence of your mentorship qualification if we do not already have a record of this.




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