Minute Taking

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Overall Aim: 


To enable individuals to be effective and accurate when minute taking.




Meetings have become an integral part of daily working life. They can range from a quick informal discussion with a colleague to large formal board meetings. The purpose of any meeting is to provide a structured way for people to gather and share information. They are also a way for people to work together towards a common purpose. Some meetings may focus on management of care and treatment plans for certain patients, whilst others have an administrative function (Gutman 2013).

Therefore it is essential for the most pertinent information and actions to be recorded during the meeting. Minutes should be accurate, impartial, provide complete and a balanced account of the proceedings, present the record of the meeting in clear, concise language, structured, and easy to read. They also give authority to decisions and actions already taken or yet to be made (Gutman 2013).

The course will allow individuals to gain useful knowledge and skills with regard to minute taking, as well as having the opportunity to practice taking minutes,during a mock meeting. The information gained should be invaluable, however the real skill in this subject come with regular practice of minute taking which can be undertaken with good supporting knowledge.

Learning Outcomes: 


At the end of this course the learner should be able to:

  1. Outline the purpose of a meeting and minute taking.
  2. Outline the purpose of each section of the meeting.
  3. Identify different meeting cycles and various types of meetings.
  4. Outline the responsibilities of the chair person and minute taker.
  5. Prepare an informative, structured agenda.
  6. Recognise what information to minute to enable accurate notes.
  7. Present minutes that meet the needs and expectations of the group.
  8. Draft minutes quickly and present information in a logical structure.




The assessment is a 10 question quiz, you need to get 100% to pass and there are two attempts set for this course.




This course is open to all employees in the Trust, who feel they may benefit from the course. Requests are also accepted by managers, applying for training on the behalf of their staff, who may require additional learning on this topic.




This is a MOODLE E-learning course, requiring 3 hours of study and access to a computer.




This is a self enrolled course, to access this course use the following link:



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