NHS Healthcare Leadership Model

The Leadership Framework has been revised following research with key partners and a new model developed.

The Healthcare Leadership Model has been developed to help staff who work in health and care to become better leaders. It is useful for everyone – whether you have a formal leadership responsibility or not, if you work in a clinical or other service setting, and if you work with a team of five people or 5,000. It describes the things you can see leaders doing at work, and is organised in a way that helps everyone to see how they can develop as a leader. It applies equally to a whole variety of roles and settings that exist within health and care.

The Healthcare Leadership Model is made up of nine ‘leadership dimensions’, each of which has its own page on the website.
There is a brief description of what the dimension is about and why it is important, and a section that says ‘what it is not’ to provide further clarity.
Please explore the National Leadership website to find out more about the nine dimensionsthe structure of the modelthe importance of personal qualitiesthe research that produced the model and what supporting tools and resources are being developed.

The link to the main National Leadership Academy site is http://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/discover/leadershipmodel/


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