Non Medical Prescribing Independent and Supplementary Course

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Non-Medical Prescribing Independent and Supplementary Course (V300)

For Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists & Non Medical Supplementary Prescribing for Radiographers 


Non-medical prescribing gives patients quicker access to medicines, improves access to services and makes better use of nurses’, pharmacists’ and other health professionals’ skills.

It is Department of Health policy to extend prescribing responsibilities to a range of professions so as to:

  • Improve patient care without compromising patient safety;
  • Improve the patient experience;
  • Provide better access to medicines/treatment for patients. Making it easier and quicker for patients to get the medicines they need;
  • Increase patient choice in accessing medicines;
  • Make better use of the skills of health professionals utilising the skills of nurses, midwives, pharmacists and allied health professionals;
  • Contribute to the introduction of more flexible team working across the NHS;
  • Benefit the NHS by effective use of the workforce;
  • Enhance service delivery, enabling further development of services to meet national service frameworks and long term condition targets etc.;
  • Enable clinician’s to manage more complex patients and develop new skills.




Guidance on choosing your Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) can be found in the NMP Info September 2014 Course document attached, or for additional support contact your Non-Medical Prescribing Lead.




26 days attendance over six months.




Entry Requirements: Registered Nurse, Midwife, Physiotherapist, Radiographer or Podiatrist.

  • Nurses & midwives must have diagnostic and physical assessment skills (either through completion of health assessment module or have evidence to demonstrate competence)
  • Have support from your department in writing with agreed access to a designated recognised/appropriate medical prescriber (DMP) who will provide you as a student with facilitation, support, opportunities to develop and assess prescribing competence in practice. Guidance on choosing your DMP can be found in the NMP Info September 2013.

This is a demanding and complex course, with 26 days attendance required.

Please note evidence of an enhanced CRB undertaken in last 3 years is required prior to qualification. Without this, you will not be able to pass or receive annotation on NMC or HCPC registers. Enhanced CRB application forms can be obtained via HR

You must have reliable numeracy skills to undertake the programme

This course is offered at Degree (level 6) or Masters (level 7), please indicate clearly which level of award you are applying for.


Frequency (planned dates): 







Accredited NMC & HCPC courses are delivered at the Trust for Nurses, Midwives & Allied Health Professionals. External courses at local universities are also available but the Trust course is the preferred option.

This course is not accredited for Pharmacists therefore please contact Natasha Jacques / Justine Barnes  pharmacy department for details of external courses.

Completing your application for Non Medical Prescribing courses

The following documents need to be completed.

  • NMP Application Form – this will need to be signed by you, your line manager, your Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) and Trust Non Medical Prescribing Lead.(see attached).
  • Birmingham City University Application Form - the following guidance should be noted - Two references are required. The 2 completed references should be on either the application reference template or on headed paper (See attached)
  • Application Cover Sheet & Check List

The cost to attend this course is £1,500 for applications received by TO BE CONFIRMED For internal staff please contact us on x49050 for the cost of attending. 

Completed applications should be submitted to [email protected]



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