POCT Blood Gas Analyser training

Nursing & Midwifery
Externally Available: 
Overall Aim: 


It is a requirement to attend and successfully complete this course, before being able to perform blood gas analysis using Roche cobas b221 analysers by ward staff.


Learning Outcomes: 


  • Correct procedures of obtaining a blood sample for blood gas analysis;
  • Preparation of the patient for obtaining a blood gas sample;
  • Correct procedure for the processing of blood gas sample on the analyser;
  • Consequences of not following the correct procedures for obtaining a sample;
  • Able to interpret results and act upon blood gas results appropriately;
  • Reviewing previous patient results;
  • Infection control precautions when undertaking blood gas analysis;
  • Basic Trouble shooting;
  • Importance of looking after blood gas analysers;
  • Importance of individual barcode and correct PID use as part of data protection and clinical/information governance;
  • Complete assessment and competency;




This course is designed to be attended by new users and those who require refresher training for two yearly update.




1 hour.


Frequency (planned dates): 


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