Dementia: Positive Approach to Care

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Participants will develop an understanding of dementia and being able to describe what is left and retained in the brain. The value of relationship with a person living with dementia (PLwD) and the utilisation of PAC methods to decrease stress in relation to the daily tasks of caregiving will be explored. Traditional models of engagement will be compared with PAC methods and participants will select techniques that improve their ability to meet therapeutic treatment goals and outcomes for activities of daily living, mobility, communication, caregiver training, and participation in meaningful occupation. As well, common problematic interactions with a PLwD will be demonstrated and analysed, giving participants increased ability to predict said potential issues and mitigate them. The second part of the day focuses on learning the PAC philosophy and care partnering techniques including Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA) and Hand-under-Hand® (HuH) that serve as the foundation for all PAC Certifications. Participants will be able to demonstrate basic mastery of PPA and HuH by completion of the day.




This course is 7.5 hours



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