Therapies only - Leadership, Supervision & Preceptor Skills Development Programme

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To support and develop Leadership, Supervision and Preceptor skills and practice for Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare Scientists, who will be or are preceptors supporting newly qualified members of staff.




A 2 day course exploring the skills needed to lead, manage, support and supervise staff, preceptees and students.

You will look at how a range of skills can be applied widely in the role of team leadership and management, day to working with colleagues, including the ability to be a capable and confident preceptor or provider of student supervision.

The course will be very skills focused and there will be plenty of opportunity to practice and explore how these skills can be applied day to day in your role and with the people & staff you work with.

Guide to the content:


Day 1

Morning – An introduction to management and leadership

  • What does good management and leadership look like as an AHP?
  • What does good preceptorship look like in my role/area?
  • How does leadership and management fit into the other roles I have – preceptor, mentor/clinical supervisor/buddy?
  • What are the expectations of me? What does my role look like day to day?
  • What are the benefits of good leadership & management, and good preceptorship – to both parties?
  • What can I do that will really help my team/preceptee, what can I do that might hinder them?

Afternoon – Understanding and developing others

  • Understanding myself and my team (including preceptees). 
  • Recognising when and how to adapt my style to deal with a range of different personalities, needs and issues.
  • Key skills of a great leader/manager/preceptor.
  • Building high performance – how to motivate, develop and coach a range of different people with different needs.
  • Impact of perceptions and first impressions and how to manage these effectively.
  • Importance of building rapport and how to do this, particularly in difficult situations.

Day 2

Morning – Building effective relationships

  • Importance of trust – How to develop, maintain and re-build trust with individuals and teams
  • Teams in crisis – the common behaviours teams will display when they’re under pressure or working dysfunctionally, and how you can manage these effectively.
  • Poor/good/great performance  - what do they look like in the workplace, and how can you help people improve their performance and reach their potential?
  • Introduction to communication - what are the common barriers we face when listening/talking, what can help us to communicate more effectively, particularly during challenging situations?

Afternoon – Overcoming challenges

  • Communication continued – how to use techniques such as transactional analysis and NLP to strengthen communication between individuals and teams and improve relationships and performance.
  • It’s not working! An opportunity to explore some challenging situations and identify strategies for managing them effectively.
  • The power of feedback and how to give difficult feedback that gets results, includes a step by step approach that will help you to deliver great feedback every time.
  • Setting goals and empowering your member of staff/team/preceptee.


Staff completing this course will be recognised as Preceptors for New Graduates




This course is for Therapies only staff who are or will be responsible for managing members of the team/students and will also be supporting new members of staff as a preceptor.




2 Days.




Please note that some pre-reading will be required prior to attending the training to allow time to focus on the practical exercises and experiential learning.  




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