Safeguarding: Level 3 Children

Nursing & Midwifery
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Level 3 training and above is for staff working predominantly with children, young people and parents and/or specialist roles (named professionals).


This is essential training for Trust staff who work with children, young people & families in the following areas; Paediatrics, A&E, PATCH, Neonatology, Midwifery, Children’s Community Service, 


Training should including all Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Medical Staff.


Level 3 for Sexual Health Staff is service specific, dates are available on request.


Frequency (planned dates): 


You only need to attend one session.




You can now book and check your bookings directly using the following link:


Safeguarding Children webpage http://sharepoint/safeguardingunit/default.aspx


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