Simulation and Clinical Skills



Is simulation training mandatory?

Simulation training is not formally mandated. However, HEEWM (Health Education England (West Midlands) have agreed to this training and they expect all Foundation year trainees to book on.


How long is the training?

There are 3 parts to the training: Human Factors/Ergonomics (HFE) (available as a training video on Moodle),  1 full day session & then a further half-day session (both these sessions available to book through Easy Learning). 

Ideally, you should either have attended the lecture on Human Factors/Ergonomics (HFE) in your FY1 year or accessed the Moodle training video prior to attending the full day course (links to access the on-line Moodle Human Factors training video below).




What does the training involve?

The education samples the Foundation Programme curriculum and will include management and treatment of a range of conditions. It will explore and highlight particular clinical incidents at UHB. SBE will also help you to explore individual, social, cognitive and team behaviours to assist in improving safety within healthcare.

Health Education England - West Midlands (HEEWM) has agreed to support your SBE, and the regional Foundation Programme Directors expect all FY trainees to book on.


How do I book onto Sim training?

If you are based at BHH, Solihull or Good Hope, you can book your selected date by logging onto Easy Learning Search for 'FY1 or FY2 High Fidelity Simulation Training' for the full day course & 'Progression SIM programme' for the half day follow-up course.

You do not need to book study leave to attend your simulation based education session but you must put your clinical supervisor as the approver on Easy Learning to ensure they are aware you cannot be on the rota for that day.

 Communications will be via your HEFT email address.


What if I am based at QEH either full-time or for a rotation?

If you are based full-time at QEH and would like to book a session at Heartlands or Good Hope Hospital please email [email protected]

If you are based at Heartlands, Good Hope or Solihull  & would like to book a session at QEH site please email [email protected].


Lead for Simulation and Clinical Skills  

Arolker Milind - [email protected]

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Moodle and Easy Learning


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