Venepuncture Study Day

Nursing & Midwifery
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Overall Aim: 


The aim of this study day is to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the safe practice of Venepuncture and to improve the quality of patient care.




Practitioners are increasingly responsible for both ensuring quality and safety in performing Venepuncture, collection of blood samples, safe transportation, and maintaining accurate records. This study day provides an e-learning package and practice opportunities through simulation to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of the Trust's governance and policy requirements in relation to Venepuncture and as such is at the cutting edge of practice development.


Learning Outcomes: 


1. Apply anatomy and physiology, infection control, documentation and legal accountability theory when performing venepuncture.

2. Perform a risk assessment prior to and during venepuncture enabling the practitioner to problem solve if complications arise.

3. Demonstrate knowledge and skill in identifying correct blood bottles, order or draw and inversion techniques.

4. Ensure appropriate and safe transportation to the laboratories.

5. To apply principles of accurate record keeping.




1 - 5 Formative – Discussion and practice within study day.

Summative - Completion of the e-learning package prior to the face to face day and competency (6 episodes of 6 episodes of venpuncture in a 3 month period)




All Practitioners who are required to undertake venepuncture as part of their job role, such as, Health Care Assistant, Midwifery Support Workers, Registered Nurse or Midwife

Allied Health Professional - Radiographer, Phlebotomists, Health Care Scientists ODP's etc.




1 day.




To have completed the ANTT Competency and e-learning package. Staff commencing the module should have completed a learning contract prior to the study day which nominates an assessor and identifies assessment time in practice.


Frequency (planned dates): 


Please find the Venepuncture Dates on easylearning:





Janet Bolton



Ext 49565




Maureen Woodroffe


Ext 49359





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