Mandatory Health & Safety Training


Mandatory Definition – Compulsory. All staff are required to attend

Mandatory Health and Safety Training - Maintaining the Health and Safety of you and your patients

Why do you have to attend Mandatory Training?

We have a responsibility to ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors at all times and attendance of Mandatory Training is compulsory. The key drivers include national, professional and best practice guidance published by external bodies, other standards and requirements defined by external assessors as well as training that the Trust has a duty to provide in line with relevant legislation. It is a requirement of all staff to attend and managers to release staff to attend / undertake study, failure to do is escalated to Site Leads, and if no action taken, eventually escalated to Executive Board.  The Trust Performance Policy may be evoked at any stage and failure to attend may have an impact on your pay.

Our Policy can be found under P for policies on the intranet.

What training do I have to do? For staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital please look on Me @ QEHB for staff based at Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull please log into your personal training portal

To ensure the right statutory and mandatory training is delivered to the right staff the Trust has reviewed which subjects are mandatory and which are role specific, this is reflected on your training record.
How to complete your training:
New Starters will receive all of their mandatory training during their induction.
Our mandatory training subjects are delivered in a number of different ways via face to face or on Moodle (our on-line training platform).
Information about when courses are running is available on easylearning, where you can also book your attendance.
The new mandatory training model enables us along with clinical leads to identify and agree the additional core Role Specific Essential (RSE) training / competencies you will need in order to keep you, the organisation and our patients safe.
For more on this please follow this link to the intranet site